Service Users Active Group (SUAG Team)

Who are the Service Users Active Group (SUAG Team)?

We are a group of individuals, who are all experts by experience, with some of us having a learning disability and autism. The group is open to everyone within Care Expertise, as a place to meet new people and address issues that impact those living within the Group.

Our journey so far

We started our journey this year by visiting services to introduce ourselves, empower our colleagues, assess their environment and enquire whether they’re receiving person-centered support. We created the SUAG Theme 2022 to encourage our peers and staff get involved in their local communities. We’ve tried to capture some aspect.

Service User Active Group (SUAG Team)

Our first visit was in March 2022 to both Norcrest & Retreat Lodge

"We shared our values and look forward to working with SUAG team in future. Well done SUAG Team!" - Kate Winiarz, Reg Manager – Norcrest Care Homes.

"It was so lovely to meet our SUAG members with ID badge on. Members were professionals. Great interaction with staff and service users" – Mustafa Isa, Reg Manager – Retreat Lodge

Followed by Conifers and The Grange in April 2022

"Conifers had the privilege of welcoming both Mary & Colin, from the SUAG team to their unit, the staff and residents were really impressed by the way all 4 clients made Mary & Colin feel welcomed immediately on arrival…It was a truly wonderful visit and the clients asked when the team could come back again to see them all, new friends made, I think!" – Anita Raymond, Home Manager – Conifers

Mary F. SUAG Member carrying her audits at The Grange! “It was lovely to meet service users and staff at The Grange, staff and service users looked well looked after, everyone seems happy. Loved their new garden. Staff helping them to water regularly”

Then finally Greyhound Lane and Court Lodge in May 2022.

"Service users said the long wait for the team’s arrival worth it, as they have enjoyed themselves." - Ade Okuboyajo, Home Manager – Greyhound Lane

"Staff was surprised how the SUAG team were very professional and asked staff question about giving choices to service users, interaction was great" - Court Lodge

Head Office Support

Each month SUAG, Randi and Sumer meet at Head Office to discuss the road map and progress made so far, SUAG is so excited and looking forward to the next quarter!

Our visits schedule for rest of the year (2022)

May Court Lodge & Greyhound Lane
June KnightsCourt & Blake House
July Maple Manor & Summer Breeze
August KingsCourt & Canterbury House
September Spring Lake & Manor Drive
October Autumn Leaves
November Havens Flat & Oakfield

Updates are pending shortly and will be released for October.

SUAG Themes for the rest of the year.

  • June - Water: Go to a seaside, visit a water park, eat fish and chips at the seaside, learn swimming, try out fishing
  • July - Outdoor sports/ BBQ/ festivals: Join in CE annual sports day, get tickets to sports matches, go on picnics, go camping, go on holiday etc
  • August - Embrace cooking/ baking: Learn cooking, join cooking classes, bake a cake, put together a tea party
  • September - Healthy eating/ keep fitness: Eat healthy, try new fruits, join your local gym, organise fitness sessions at your home, review your diet plan, try Zumba
  • October - Learning about other cultures/diversity: Try to new food, join in on CE Cultural Day, learn a few words in another language, attend a cultural event in the community
  • November - Save the Environment: Set up a recycling scheme in your unit, do some zero waste, litter pick in your local area
  • December - Giving back to the community: donate food to your local food bank, collect donations for the needy, do some volunteer work in your local community