Why Choose Care Expertise?

Specialist care homes for people with learning disabilities, behaviours that challenge and other complex needs.

We offer a warm, safe and supportive environment, plus...

24 Hour Emergency Referral/Placement Line

Care Expertise is acutely aware that there are occasions when a placement authority might require an emergency placement bed out of hours and are often challenged to find one after 5.00pm. Care Expertise has experience of accepting such referrals and has therefore got an out of hours emergency line for placement authorities to call and speak with one of our senior on-call managers.

Quality Assurance Compliance Manager and Quality Assurance Team (QAT)

The team is lead by the QA Compliance Manager whom is instrumental in monitoring compliance and raising standards. Our QA Compliance Manager regularly reviews our practices to ensure it is fit for purpose, consistent and meets both external and internal requirements. His/her role is also to coordinate the activities required to meet these quality standards. This is achieved by conducting 4 weekly audits and follow-ups.

Positive Behaviour Support (PBS Team)

 Positive Behavior Support team is made up
of our very own trained and accredited PROACT-SCIPr-
UK® Instructors and CE Skills and Development Manager.  ROACT-SCIP-R-UK (Positive Range of Options to Avoid Crisis and use Therapy – Strategies for Crisis Intervention) although it has its roots in the original SCIP (Strategies for Crisis Intervention and Prevention), the said programme/methodology focuses on supporting staff to engage in proactive methods of behaviour change - a concept/ethos very much in line with that of Positive Behaviour Support.

Skills & Development Centres

Care Expertise operates an on-site Skills & Development Centre at each of its Residential Care Homes and some supported living schemes. Individually tailored programmes enable service users to develop independent living and communication skills and to learn how to integrate and interact with others. Activities are adapted and introduced to suit particular needs, and progress made toward agreed goals is regularly reviewed. The programmes aim to help service users with:

  • Communication
  • Socialisation
  • Making Choices
  • Developing Independence
  • Community Integration
  • Differentiating between objects

Employment Support Schemes (ESS)

Those whom are able to have access to ESS. The initiative is aimed to offer practical training, such as mock interview sand advice on dress code etc to assist those wishing to (re) enter the world of work. The ESS cover:

  • Catering
  • Gardening
  • Office Administration
  • Sales
  • Domestic

STAR Achievement Award

Motivation and success are what drive individuals in any profession. At CE, it is critically important that we celebrate and recognise the outstanding things that service users accomplish, both at home and outside. Watching service users grow and accomplish their goals is one of the main reasons most go into care, including ourselves. The recognition of service users fosters strong relationships among service users, families, day centres/collages, and the community and creates a positive environment where service users feel valued. Here at Care Expertise we like to recognise and celebrate successes. Sometimes what is small for us are very big achievements for our service users. The STAR Achievement Award is precisely for that!

Care Expertise Services:

Residential Care Homes

We have 4 Residential Care Homes: Norcrest, Oakfield, Retreat Lodge, Spring Lake. >> read more

Supported Living Services

We have 12 Supported Living Services: Autumn Leaves, Blake house, Canterbury  House, Conifers, Court Lodge, Greyhound Lane, Haven Flats, Kings Court, Knights Court, Manor Drive, Summer Breeze, The Grange. >> read more

Nursing Care Homes

We have 1 Specialist Nursing Care Home: Maple Manor. >> read more

Client Groups Supported

Care Expertise supports people with:

  • Learning Disabilities
  • Autism & other Developmental Disorders
  • Mental Health needs
  • Communication needs
  • Sensory needs
  • Epilepsy
  • Dementia

"The very best in professional care, delivered with understanding and sensitivity."