Job Vacancy:

Care & Support Worker for Supported Living

When recruiting new staff, Care Expertise will be looking for caring, compassionate individuals who want to make a difference to the lives of others.

Care Expertise is an Equal Opportunities employer and all applicants will be considered fairly, regardless of race, colour or nationality, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, religion, disability or age. All staff must be DBS (Disclosing and Barring Service) checked.

To apply for any of the Current Vacancies please download and complete the Application Form.

Job Purpose

  1. To undertake all duties in a manner consistent with the principle of partnership with service users, families and other people closely involved, particularly having regard for decision making, planning, review and appraisal.
  2. To safeguard and promote the welfare of service users.
  3. To provide care for each service user at the project, exercising the concern that each service user is an individual.
  4. To empower and encourage service users to live as independent wherever possible- providing a safe environment, promoting the welfare of service users.
  5. To advise and support service users within the context of the Care and Support Workerʼs professional role.
  6. To develop a database of resources to assist in increasing service users potential of independent living, including local community activities, educational classes, employment agencies or other external agencies.

Responsible to: Senior Care and Support Officer/Registered Manager

Responsible for: Working closely with all managers of the organisation to achieve the highest possible quality of care for service users.

Key Duties

Care and Support
  1. To insure the provision of a safe, secure and homely environment for all service users.
  2. To prepare and implement Care & Support Plans for each service user.
  3. To prepare and implement risk assessments for each service sser and to attend meetings and reviews intended to assess and re-define those risk assessments as the service user develops and their needs change.
  4. To receive service users on admission, closely monitor their abilities and when they leave, either temporarily or permanent, to make appropriate arrangements for their departure.
  5. To follow agreed procedure with regard to training and developing service users community access and awareness.
  6. To follow an agreed procedure with regard to service users who have absconded or who are missing from the home.
  7. To undertake programmes and tasks for in the education, development and emotional care and support of service users.
  8. To train and assess service users with regards to their personal care.
  9. To assess service users in their development, educational and leisure pursuits, as well as day time activities that are provided within the home.
  10. To assess the ability of service users to prepare and organise their own meals and provide training and support for meal planning and preparation as required.
  11. To help service users to develop life and social skills, e.g. communication, socialisation and budgeting skills.
  12. To train service users to purchase personal clothing, as well as mend and launder their own clothes.
  1. To observe the Health and Safety policy of the home and carry out duties with regards to the homes fire regulations.
  2. To attend meetings of the staff team for the purposes of communication, training, support, and ensuring consistent practice is implemented.
  3. To work with supervisors and managers to maximise strengths and minimise weaknesses at both individual and team level.
Record Keeping
  1. To make accurate records concerning each service user in sufficient detail for its significance and use, and complete other general records and documentation in relation to the work of the home.
  2. To ensure that all records on service users are stored using accepted and agreed formats, systems and procedures, having regard for the complete confidentiality of these records.
  3. To make sure all records made can be retrieved promptly when required.
  1. To receive and make use of regular supervisions.
  2. To undertake sleep-in duties as necessary.
  3. To carry out all the above duties and responsibilities in a manner which demonstrates a commitment to anti-racism and equality of opportunity.
  4. To undertake all other reasonable duties within the context of the provision of service to people with learning disabilities at the request of the Project Manager.
  5. To be prepared to work in any of the organisationʼs other projects.
  6. To undertake any other reasonable duties as requested by the senior management of the organisation.
To apply for any of the Current Vacancies please complete the Online Application Form.

How to Apply

To apply for any of the Current Vacancies please complete the Online Application Form.

Before submitting your application, please ensure you have:

  • Read the Job Description and Person Specification carefully
  • Included the title of the position you are applying for
  • Write clearly and complete all sections of the application form
  • Check whether the position requires an additional personal statement or covering letter.
  • CVs may be attached but should not be sent instead of an application form unless specified.

"The very best in professional care, delivered with understanding and sensitivity."

Client Groups Supported

Care Expertise supports people with:

  • Learning Disabilities
  • Autism & other Developmental Disorders
  • Mental Health needs
  • Communication needs
  • Sensory needs
  • Epilepsy
  • Dementia